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Sept 2013
I came across this “sport” recently and I am intrigued….

Parkour is also known as the ” City Rush ‘or Parkour. It was born in the 1980s in France, “Parkour” comes from the French “parcourir”, literal translation is “everywhere”, in addition it contains “obstacle course” means. Parkour the whole city as a great training ground, all walls, roofs have become can climb , crossing objects, especially the streets of abandoned houses Rush Extreme Sports , very ornamental.
Parkour is Parkour (or Le Parkour), sometimes abbreviated as PK, is often classified as an extreme sport to everyday living environment (mostly urban) to exercise the options. It does not have established rules, doing this exercise will be a variety of everyday people just as obstructions or auxiliary facilities, running and jumping in the meantime crossed. There are many Chinese translation, in addition to “Parkour”, there are ” violent cool “,” Urban Rush “,” displacement of art (l’art du déplacement) “.
This movement was led by France ‘s David Bell (David Belle) founded, enabling people to enhance the movement through agile mind’s ability to respond to emergency situations, this point and martial arts approximate. Differences, virtual martial arts fighting back, while running cool virtual emergency escape .
Parkour very ornamental City Rush The Rush streets of extreme sports, a bit Free-running mean, their difference is more emphasis on Free-running show — ornamental, but parkour is the speed — practicality. With apes like flexible climb. Some people think that is an Art. With surprise action is absolutely beyond the imagination of ordinary people is definitely visual feast! But the sport’s enthusiasts pour more willing to see it as a way of life advocated by youth subculture. Parkour is not only beneficial to the body, it is important idea. When practicing Parkour, you have to be very focused. Learn Parkour will make people understand how to overcome their fears (Fear), and strengthening the ability to overcome difficulties. People are constantly improve themselves and break through barriers.
” Parkour “originally developed by French soldiers in the Vietnam War was launched in 2002 has become popular in the United Kingdom, and later David Bell (David Belle) put it to flourish.
French film Banlieue13 ( Banlieue 13 District) that is showing PARKOUR street culture, the protagonist David Belle is one of the founders LE PARKOUR movement.
Urban Rush founder is David Belle, he was born in France . A child I often like to run and jump on the roof of the school. His father was a soldier, he was inspired by his father, and then create a Parkour this movement. Starred in movies Banlieue13 (Banlieue 13 District) now enter the entertainment industry.
Sebastian Foucan, French and in the same year a friend David Belle Parkour developed the concept. They created a new way of life. He has been the impact of Asian philosophy, the decision to own beliefs, from the fight against the negative forces into a “flow like water.” He later choose to use their own beliefs, and create a new philosophy. The point of this legislation is built on the concept of freedom. He has his own philosophy in communicating and promoting the sport Parkour, Parkour has become one of the sport’s international spokesperson. Sebastien said: No one develop what you are inspired, and sometimes you can also upgrade yourself. He was thinking of establishing Parkour founder. YAMAKASI David Belle was once worked at the team, but later because of disagreement, the results have left the team, YAMAKASI is Zaire’s Bantu, which means to explore human potential to stimulate the body and mind a limit philosophical minds that they want to be firm to mention a strong body strong. Established the motive for Yamakasi, Shao said that it was born, naturally, they knew seven childhood, when they play together, along with running and jumping, they agreed to try to explore the physical limits. Lauren also said they conduct such physical training just want to get stronger, to protect his family, but do not want to fight with others.
In Parkour world, practitioners appellation “Traceur”. Movements of Parkour combines all the action and thus greatly enhance the freedom of creativity, and encourage people to find their own beliefs. In the realm of Parkour, Traceur strongly wanted to show a lot of flips, spin those not included in the action, which also expressed a certain fixed Parkour is not limited to the action, even if you are able to put their own “unique martial arts” to join to Parkour inside. Parkour action in pursuit of freedom, the effect of surprise, they are often beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
⒈ physical coordination is very important, they are also talented . If you are born with good coordination, it started to play cool start is very fast.
⒉ force. It can be said force can not keep up, it can only ever be at a certain level and can not progress. Shoulder, arm, back, abdomen, and lower extremity strength, to fully practice.
⒊ bouncing not necessarily essential qualities , but Parkour great help.
⒋ courage . Everyone has fears, but the truth is often the more nervous, more relax the body, the more prone to injury.
In addition to his victory over the demons, should also be a similar place to practice indoor training hall, because this place offers mats, practicing forward somersault, backflips, wall flip, it is not vulnerable to injuries.
Find the confidence, you can go out and combat.
Basic movements
Combines all the action of Parkour freedom movement, enhance creativity, and encourage people to find their own beliefs. Parkour enthusiasts tend to view it as a lifestyle advocated by youth subculture. It enables Parkour practitioners with their own power through the obstacles and reach the destination, Parkour is not limited to certain fixed action, parkour practitioners can put their own “unique powers” to the Parkour movement inside, the pursuit of surprise effects, and often beyond the ordinary imagination. In short, Parkour is not only an art of movement, but also a way of life, running and jumping climbing the free spirit in motion infinitely extended [1]
Training methods
Simple action requirements and training methods
⒈ ligament requirements – the most important projects, especially for the legs (cheating), arms and waist (arch) in terms of
⒉ jumping ability – can leapfrog to exercise. Slowly from low to high, from near to far. And the accuracy of the ground to exercise
⒊ ground that since – great emphasis on the sense of distance projects. People jumping in the distance or height landing, re-use roll straight up or continue to the next action
⒋ hand / elbow bounce – in the running of the corners and obstacles encountered in the process, or to increase the jumping distance. While using hands or elbows on a wall
⒌ accurate / precise jumps – workout from one target to another destination. Close-up from the beginning to the farthest distance jump, is to exercise the accuracy of the ground
⒍ wall – the most basic exercise. After a while relaxed approach, approaching target forces began a raise, the first use of a foot against the wall, and then hand clutching the wall. And then immediately push the wall with the other foot, the first step on the wall just to the top of the foot, hands and then boost it. Generally divided into front and back of your hands to press the jump turn up the sit-
⒎ TIC-TAC – the most commonly used during exercise to avoid some obstacles in the ordinary way. Speed ​​can not be reduced too much in the running of the process, when you appeared in front of a well, then marching near the wellhead tree or wall, playing in the past and then continue ahead. The whole process only their feet, hands and can not be used! Experts can step 4,5 times turn over; when running parallel to the direction of the wall, such as roadway inside, if the road ahead is blocked, then through the wall, the wall ran a few steps and then fall to continue.
⒏ hand / elbow after bouncing grasping – exercise hand speed of response. Hands immediately after using the jump to continue to re-use hand quickly grab the next target! You can also jump with one hand or both hands from a wall with one hand and push the bomb after another grab walls, etc.
⒐ landing exercises – high transport bounce after landing using only his legs to buffer, but can not use the side of the roll to continue to the next action
⒑ blind jump – the more dangerous. After jumping in the skilled accuracy. In some cases, close their eyes during the jump. But can still feel myself to landing destination; as long as you have already been scanned before the jump target location, and then jump in the process simply does not bother about the destination, this is the blind jump
⒒ front flip and backflip – requirement is done a 360-degree somersault and backflip should try back in place
⒓ before the turn and after the turn – you can hand to support. Requirements are 360 ​​degrees in the finish after the first turn and should try to turn back in place
⒔ balance – the most common use handstand. The best way is inverted hand went in the opposite direction after the destination
⒕ flip side – there are 180 degrees, 360 degrees and 540 degrees and so on. There are also cross-turn or air stereotypes turn (turn half is air, in the air and then suddenly slow down the ground)
⒖ cat jumping – action learning as a cat. Jump from one wall to another wall of the landing approach when learning a cat! There are two general ways, foot clutch slip law and law
⒗ gorilla jumps – common basic skills. Like a gorilla, as in the running process using our hands and legs open according to cross over obstacles
⒘ precision and balance training – walking back and forth in a tube and learn to climb a cat
Insert ⒙ practice – in the process of running feet and even the use of one leg or any part of the body first began stormed an entrance, such as: skylights, windows, etc.
⒚ somersault / hand over the barriers – generally start with rollover began. Height is the height of the waist before beginning, the beginning of what can first hold your hand or let a friend help push a push in the side
⒛ horizontal bar exercises – can be used to exercise the grasping force. The general somersault friends who want to practice, starting with the horizontal bar to find the turn or turn around in the air, the feeling is the safest.
Main decomposition actions.
⒈ basic landing (landing) from low to high training, previously sole, after the ground with both hands (to prevent reversed), try to sound small.
⒉ roll (roll) Parkour main action, landing roll can do buffering impact.
⒊ landing roll (rolling) when he jumped from a height, the impact into forward momentum, and can reach the next one action.
⒋ diving roll (swan dive) one kind of extension of tumbling over the stretch, usually with the body climb over obstacles (expert may reach the silent effect). Tumbling right to practice diving proficiency other actions of great help.
⒌ equilibrium (balance) exercises physical coordination, in the height or narrow railings, buildings, etc. will not stand still.
⒍ Cat Tree, cat-style balance (cat balance) safer than walking railing singlet crossing France, posture is very important, the body should try and railing parallel control equilibrium point in holding the railing with both hands. In Parkour in this action is rarely used, but encountered some special circumstances it has played an important role in it.
⒎ foot long jump (precision one foot take off) after running up a lot of action is to do jump kick force or climbing, exercise leg force.
⒏ accurate long jump (precision 2 footed take off) slowly got goals from small target, not be too hasty, or very dangerous, and is a basic floor of sublimation type, requires anyone have a good foot. Action approach extends precise (running precision).
⒐ anti grasping hand side railings (dismount) in height ready for the next jump over the railing in front of the insurance type.
⒑ anti grasping hand side wall (turn vault) and anti-grasping hand side railings are different, you can hand hold the railing, more firmly, this is just a face, with a calloused palm side or somewhere in the middle of the surface from the fixed body to maintain balance.
⒒ fast on the wall (wall run) run-up after a single pedal Wall (forefoot and the wall 45%, mainly for beginners in a single pedal, the other foot can no longer tread) both hands behind the wall chin-up .
⒓ tread wall jump (tic tac) ran the first one wall, a foot touches the wall force.
⒔ tread wall fixed (tic tac to precision) after kicking the wall to reach the target accurately.
⒕ Jiaqiang (crane) Gao Bugao Jiaqiang on the bottom end of the object is not a quick way to climb, step by step onto the other leg up in the lower leverage to support the body to maintain balance.
⒖ Moon step (moonstep) run-up, one leg kicking the wall up, vacated quickly and then kicking the wall. In practice this action before the ability to reach the pinnacle requires kicking the wall.
⒗ Mop (catleap) on the wall or on the object type before, put themselves onto the next obstacle took a good action.
⒘ anti-Mop (180% cat) turned to stare at the wall plus 180% plus Mop binding style. Body caught in the wall, the hands chin-up, kicking the wall turned ……
⒙ approach Mop (running cat) long-distance foot jump Mop, must be noted that prior to use to keep the wall feet first leg from the knee to avoid hitting the wall.
⒚ tread wall Mop (tic tac to cat) Mop kicking walls and a combination of style.
⒛ monkey jump (monkey vault) over obstacles shrink good legs, his hands over obstructions.
21 orangutans jump (kingkong vault) before this action during practice to master the monkey jump. It is the difference with the monkey jumped to 45% of the legs, across the larger obstacles.
22 double gorilla jump (double kong) orangutan jump sublimation version vacated hind legs should be placed high.
23 orangutans fly Taiwan (diving kong) diving vacated pick gorilla jump combination.
24. Orangutan precisely jumping (kong precision) plus pinpoint gorilla jump combination.
25. Orangutan jumper Mop (kingkong cat) this trick for trick feeling a little air, physical coordination can not transform bad air moves easily lead to head hit the object.
26 legs jump punch (dash vault) is divided into two kinds of action, the first common is the first leg over obstacles, hands behind his back and then by supporting the body; Another is the front derailleur over obstacles after obstacles hands, legs and ground into a bow issued by the force of his hands and then landing a little further.
27. Orangutan jumper punch jump (kingkong dash) gorilla jump quickly immediately after contraction of abdominal muscles on the front of the lower body, and then his hands supporting his body, legs ahead.
28 Lazy jump (lazy vault) sideways over obstacles skills. Left (right) hand supporting the obstacle on the left (right) leg lift skip obstacles.
29. Sideways jump (speed vault) sideways jump over railings advantage is that no extra action directly and quickly then ran.
30. Drilling railing (underbar) requires a very good accuracy, whether it is first or feet first off, if you do halfway through the action will result in deformation of the waist or hit his head.
31 Single rod fly catch (lache) often play horizontal bar should be relatively easy to grasp, by the force of the body thrown to drive.
32 handstand, volley inverted (hand stand) exercise arm strength and waist strength and coordination.
33 wind flag (flag) grip strength, wrist, arm, her waist thigh muscle workout.
34 hand stays rotation (palmspin) This action is in fact easy to learn, the hand stays on the railing or face physical, hands and shoulder as axis, attention rejection shoulder turn the body, visual origin.
35 wall switch (wall spin) hold hands rotate Advanced. Before practicing this action must master hand stays rotation (skilled to Xieqiang do)
36 cartwheel (aerial) exercises this action, we must grasp the distance hand cartwheel , attention and speed output leg height.
37 front somersault (sideflip) ipsilateral somersault, pay attention to the height and speed.
38. Backflip (backflip) is that at the end of the axis back flip waist, height is a head as the axis back flip.
Remember: Parkour is not a flip, flip Parkour just an embellishment, real parkour parkour is to the obstacles as obstacles in life, he was a way of life.
Parkour is a human deep-rooted instinct, this instinct is exercise is a need real warrior spirit of the movement. Ultimately, Parkour is the training of the body’s ability to move quickly in a natural way, it can make use of any of our surrounding environment and facilities “as I used to,” this “moving art” does not require special equipment, do not need specialized training.
The human body is engaged in the sport’s only tool for everyone, this is the sport’s rules, because it combines all of the body’s natural ability, such as running, jumping, climbing and so on. This is a potential to develop your athletic ability of a sporting event .
Whether you’re in the city, or in the countryside, this sport requires you to have to face obstacles in front of you, and to “challenge it.” This requires a combination of flexibility and controllability. Sports equipment is very simple, a T-shirt, a pair of lightweight running shoes and a sports pants . Movement, the body feels the same as in the cockpit, you will suddenly find that you can control your body instantly vacated.
Running, jumping, climbing, rolling and other methods can be used, it is not only attractive to you, it also attracts people around you. The purpose of all this is in no way hindered by an obstacle, whether it is a wall, behind bars, fences, trees, rocks, vehicles, trenches, etc.
Risk is everywhere, and we have nowhere to escape . But we can learn to properly control the hazard, and put it minimized. Therefore, the existence of dangerous Parkour is quite large, and all involved in the sport before Traceur must first professionally trained. Professional training means that the most important thing is not to practice, but to understand what this movement is about in the end, and at the same time understand that this is not about anything. Not for a nice leap or jump from a high place brought about grandstanding or attract attention effect, Parkour is not running around on the roof, or other death-defying stunts that any such thought people have completely misunderstood the nature of Parkour.
Parkour is a refinement of movement skills, to beautiful, to full control, with the efficiency of movement, while self show.
These objectives should be achieved in any environment. Parkour also depends on the physical development and upgrading, trained in strong, fast, and efficient: in a nutshell is to be healthy. This means that training must have a an idea: go as far as to exercise their physical, more effectively avoid injury results. Weigh, assess the crisis, using effective techniques more safely through an obstacle, the goal of all Traceur are able to move freely. Environment is not important, is exquisite control over their own body and the environment.
So the most important is to see the truth. Not just those that are either a fool or flamboyant movements. Do not be in a movie or TV you see on the deceived – almost all of those actions, you need a lot of security and protection measures, technical mastery comes only from the harsh practice and continuous refining foundation. There is no shortcut no secret. Wherever possible place to find the right guidance, pay attention to learning and communication, as far as possible and to train with more experienced people, so from time to time to get good information and advice. Stop and think, evaluate your own training measures used to protect, carefully check your practice using the equipment, check its integrity and stability, to be especially careful when wet. Attention to their limits, no matter what the situation would not want to put yourself too open. If you are not one hundred percent sure that you have the ability to safely complete this action, then do not do it. A lot of training according to their physical
“The way is the path of silence.Cut across town quietly at your own speed.
Concentrate on footwork, Your Touch, Your own sensibility.
Look for cat-like silence and you will find the path …
This is the way ”
“This is The way” – Sebastien Foucan
Life is like is composed of the obstacles and challenges you want to overcome this process.
If you are proficient in parkour, then your life will get something more.
Learn Parkour philosophy than the simple act of showing much more important, which can be regarded as important lessons in life.
Yin and yang
According to Yin Yang said, Parkour is, there are two forms of
First of all, the action is smooth and neat “yin”
Second, the impact of the action is “yang”
You have to find your own balance.
Parkour is not popular, but of spiritual evolution
To action is a difficult task, if not an affirmation of faith, to move like animals, like water flowing, come shipped their balance, which is hard to do, but this is way too Traceur.
In practice, focus on their external environment is more important than the care.
Parkour is the most important advice to follow their own beliefs. Follow the steps to proceed slowly.
Training alone is not of much benefit as people must be linked to each other and if you found the time to practice Parkour positive things should be communicated to other people.
Do not forget to have a joyful mood, which is the focus of Parkour.
Do not forget to look at the process of training their own way. Happy in establishing and understanding in the context of Parkour, you can find your own beat.
Parkour pointed out that when people face the fear of death, the true self is already, will be revealed. In the true state is the “I” (I) always comes first, the. If a person is afraid of overwhelming, not into the in crowd or through anonymous “People” (They) to protect themselves, as people usually do that specifications, he entered the “disingenuous” (inauthentic) existence.
“Courage” is the essence of the individual on their own, their own internal target recognition. Brave man will marry his “lofty ideals and moral goal” into practical action. Courage is the “disregard (in-spite-of) everything” to self-affirmation, regardless – all factors that hinder its complete self-affirmation, and the affirmation itself (Self-Affirmation). Courage is often interpreted as the powers of the mind to overcome fear (as the power of the mind to overcome fear).
But there are perceived concerns itself with nothing (non-being) the possibility of the state, is the existence of nothingness awakening, but also human “finitude” (finitude) conscious. So courage can confront every fear anxiety objects. Although fear and anxiety are different (fear and anxiety), but it is inseparable.
Parkour people understand that people must face the fear of death, from fear understand the importance of their own lives. For their own plan for the future, you must include death. People should not only accept life, and refused to accept death. Fear of death, fear, anxiety determine various factors that must be pure absolute nothingness worried worries worry about the construction of the main objects of fear, so fear is courage before the break.

Sept 2013
What’s happening in the universe?
Voyager 1 is an unmanned space capsule that probes the outer solar system, weighing 815 kg, on September 5, 1977 launch, as of June 2012 is still functioning. It has visited Jupiter and Saturn, is to provide its satellite HDTV clear picture of a spacecraft. At present, it is the furthest man-made spacecraft from Earth, is the first man made object to leave the solar system . Voyager 1 now has entered the outermost boundary of the solar system, the sun is currently in effect between the scope and the interstellar medium. Its main task after the Jupiter system in 1979, in 1980 after the Saturn system, ends on November 20, 1980. It is also the first to offer Jupiter, Saturn and their satellites detailed photographs of the solar system. September 12, 2013, NASA NASA confirmed that “Voyager 1″ probe has left the solar system, the sun reaches extrasolar constant between empty interstellar space for more than one year.

Voyager 1, formerly known as the United States, ” sailor Plan “in the” Mariner 11 ”
In the space flight Voyager 1 spacecraft
In the space flight spacecraft Voyager 1
Voyager 1 Is an unmanned extrasolar nuclear space probe, carrying a 105 kg scientific instruments. Its body is flat with ten prism, topped with a diameter of 3.7 meters parabolic antenna, each side extending an arm , a longer one is magnetometer pillar is a short scientific instruments bracket.
Its flight speed than any man-made spacecraft are faster that makes launching two weeks earlier than it’s sister ship Voyager 2 will never go beyond it, even in the earth to be higher than the two spacecraft launch The New Horizons spacecraft into space velocity is also true. It’s life that had benefited from several of the gravitational acceleration. Voyager 1 is now in the sun affect the scope and the interstellar medium , between the true sense was 2012 flying solar system. Voyager 1 has entered the heliosheath , ie between the solar system and interstellar matter between the terminal shock region . If Voyager 1 finally leaves the Department and is located in California ‘s Pasadena tina Caltech Jet Propulsion collaboration lab . Voyager 1 along a hyperbolic orbit, and has reached the third cosmic speed . This means that he can no longer boot track spacecraft returning to the solar system, and can not contact the Pioneer 10 , has ceased operations Pioneer 11 and its sister ship Voyager 2 , as became an interstellar space boat.
According to NASA, May 7, 2012 news, Voyager One has now been flown to the edge of the solar system, will soon be pulled out of the solar system, and becomes one in stellar space travel spacecraft, for the dissemination of culture and liaison with other Earth universe of biological services.
As Voyager 1′s sister probe , Voyager 2 on August 20, 1977 at the Kennedy Space Center successfully launched the probe is initially planned as a sailor sailor on the 12th. It became travel plans by Voyager 1 (also called Mariner 11) sister detector. Voyager 2
Voyager 2 flyby of Neptune
In a somewhat different trajectory close to Saturn , in any case, by the close Titan ( Titan ) generated by the gravitational attraction slingshot, which later went on to fly to Uranus and Neptune . Voyager 2 in 1986 after Uranus , in 1989 after Neptune . Now many instruments on the detector is turned off, but it continues to probe the solar system environment.

Mission objectives
Voyager 1 was originally the main objective is to detect Jupiter and Saturn and its moons and rings. Detection task has now become the top solar wind and the solar wind for particle measurement. Two Voyager spacecraft are based on three radioisotope thermoelectric generators generator as a power source. These generators have been far beyond the design life at first, they are generally considered in about 2020, can still provide enough power to make contact with the earth spaceship to continue.
In smoothly with the gravity of Jupiter, the spacecraft towards Saturn ‘s direction. Voyager 1 crossed in November 1980 Saturn, on November 12 closest Saturn, Saturn highest clouds from 124,000 kilometers. Spacecraft detected the rings of Saturn ‘s complex structure, and on Titan ‘s atmosphere were observed on. The discovery of Titan has a thick atmosphere, JPL control personnel ultimately decided to let the Voyager 1 Titan approaching one o’clock to study and subsequently terminated the remaining two planets continue to visit it. Results visit Uranus and Neptune had handed over the task of Voyager 2. The Titan’s decision to close the spacecraft by the extra gravitational influence, and ultimately enable the spacecraft left the ecliptic, terminate its planetary exploration missions.
Flight line
In February 2011, there are indications that “Voyager 1″ has arrived at some point before the edge of the solar system’s “transition zone”, the transition zone is the solar system and interstellar space the final junction. Now, “Voyager 1″ has arrived at the border, that is, it will soon enter interstellar space.
Once in interstellar space, “Voyager 1″ will require four years of time to reach the next line galaxies.
As for the “Voyager 1″ on the battery, scientists say, the detector carries two nuclear batteries, to ensure that it continues to fly until 2025. Once the battery is depleted, “Voyager 1″ will continue to move forward towards the galactic center, never come back.

At 12:56 on September 5, 1977 in the United States Air Force base at Cape Canaveral, leave the Earth.
December 1977 to catch up with the first step to leave the Earth’s twin brother “Voyager 2.”
September 1978 left the asteroid belt .
March 1979 close-up “visit” Jupiter, see the surface of Jupiter’s aurora back positive.
November 1980 close-up “visits” Saturn, thousand pieces back color photos.
1989 to the galactic center direction.
May 2012 has reached the edge of the solar system.
December 2012 U.S. scientists said on Monday, is in space, “expedition” and “Voyager 1″ spacecraft has not yet left the solar system , suggesting that the solar system may be higher than expected, but also the majority of mankind.
August 2013, NASA has not yet determined whether Voyager 1 flew solar system.
September 12, 2013, “Voyager 1″ probe has left the solar system, the sun reaches extrasolar empty interstellar space between more than one year.
Beijing time on September 13, 2013 morning 2:00, NASA officially confirmed via press conferences Voyager 1 into the interstellar space. Verify way is through March 2012 Determination of coronal mass ejections.
Loss of function timetable
Limited stop operation due to power functions
Stop the operation of plasma subsystem
Stop planetary radio astronomy experiment
Stop scanning platform and ultraviolet spectrometer observations
Stop data tape drive operation (by the 70m/34m antenna reception 1.4k bit rate data rate limiting decision, which is able to read the data tape drives minimum rate)
About 2016
Stop gyro operation
Began to close scientific instruments (until March 18, 2008, closing sequence still undecided, but low-energy charged particles , cosmic ray subsystem, magnetometer and plasma wave instrument subsystems are expected to continue to run)
2025 or after
There is not enough supply of electricity to any single instrument
Flight history
Voyager 1 was originally planned to belong sailor plans in the Mariner spacecraft on the 11th, it was designed to take advantage of new technologies that belong to the gravitational acceleration.
“Voyager” spacecraft prototype
“Voyager” spacecraft prototype
Fortunately, this mission it happened 176 years of a planetary geometry. Spacecraft requires only a small amount of fuel for waterway correction can make use of all the rest of the planet’s gravitational acceleration to a spacecraft in the solar system will be able to visit the four gas planets: Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus and Neptune . Two sister ship Voyager 1 and No. 2 is designed for this opportunity, and their emission time is calculated in order to make full use of this opportunity. Also thanks to this opportunity, thanks to two spacecraft only need to spend 12 years to be able to visit the four planets, instead of the usual 30 years.
Voyager 1 on September 5, 1977 at Florida ‘s Cape Canaveral, is mounted on a Titan on the 3rd E Centaur rocket launch. Just on Voyager 2 on August 20 of the same year, shortly after launch. Although the launch time for the post than the 2nd, but it’s been launched into orbit faster among it surpasses the 2nd little faster to reach Jupiter and Saturn. Initially, as No. 3 in E Titan rocket combustion process in the emergence of the second stage of combustion less than about one second, so that the ground staff had feared would therefore not reach Jupiter spacecraft. Fortunately, later confirmed the Centaur upper Youdou still enough fuel combustion.
In photographs taken around Jupiter (10)Voyager 1 launch, for the first time in January 1979 began to Jupiter to shoot. In the same year, on March 5 from Jupiter’s closest, only 349,000 km from Jupiter’s center. Because so close to skip the spacecraft within 48 hours of flight time in close-up, to be on Jupiter’s satellites , rings, magnetic fields and radiation environment for in-depth understanding and high resolution photography. Throughout the filming process ultimately completed in April.
Two spacecraft on Jupiter and its moons made ​​a lot of important discoveries, the most surprising was the discovery of Io volcanic activity . This was not observed on Earth, and even the Pioneer 10 and 11 are not observed.
In smoothly with the gravity of Jupiter, the spacecraft towards Saturn’s direction.
Saturn photo shoot
After leaving Saturn , the Voyager 1 was described as for NASA interplanetary exploration missions. Estimated two travelers on the spacecraft batteries are able to provide enough electricity to 2025, for the ship a portion of instrument operation.
Heliosphere top
Voyager 1 is in Day sheath (Heliosheath) As Voyager 1 forward interstellar space between embarked on board the instrument will continue to study the solar system. Jet Propulsion Laboratory science are being used out in the ship’s plasma wave experiments to verify the heliosphere top of existence.
U.S. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Sciences believe Voyager 1 in February 2003 has entered the terminal shock region. But some scientists in the November 6, 2003 in the prestigious scientific journal ” Nature “, said questioned. In May 25, 2005 morning, in New Orleans at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) a scientific meeting, Dr. Ed Si Tuoen goes to the Voyager 1 was in December 2004 left the terminal seismic evidence “SH22A-01″. As the ship’s solar wind detector ceased operation as early as 1990, so this discussion in a few months yet concluded, had to look up other information hand. Final NASA in May 2005 press release, saying that consensus has been reached at Voyager 1 is in the sheath. Scientists believe that in 2015 the spacecraft will arrive at the ball the top layer, ie the edges of the solar system.
Voyager 1 spacecraft arrived at the edge of the solar system schematic
NASA’s Voyager probes the ground control center with the help of the Cassini spacecraft, Voyager 1 and analyzed the data returned spacecraft, Voyager 1 found sometime before has entered the solar system and interstellar space boundaries, which is more than originally thought much earlier point in time, it also makes scientific family felt very ground accident aboard 1977 launch of the detector, through 33 years of space flight, will be flying out of 2012 truly solar system. Relevant research results have been published in the latest “Nature” magazine. Jet Propulsion Laboratory received from the Voyager 1 spacecraft reporting: low-energy charged particle detector instrument data show that low-energy emitted by the sun stream of charged particles reach Voyager 1 location, its speed has been reduced zero. In February 2011, the solar wind has begun to stagnate. Judging from these signs, the Voyager 1 spacecraft has arrived at some point prior to the edge of the solar system, “transition zone”, the transition zone is the solar system and interstellar space the final junction. [10]Once in interstellar space, “Voyager” on the 1st will require four years of time to reach the next line galaxies . Thus, as the late American astronomer, science writer Carl Edward Sagan said, only in the presence of interstellar space have the ability to space travel, advanced life, the detector may be encountered on the record before the target was played. But Carl was highly significance of this move, he said, to the vastness of the universe, “launch this thing that this planet (Earth) on the future of life is still very promising.” (Note: This content 2011 11 March 7 written)
Voyager 1 is equipped with gold plate
In this process, Cassini ‘s ion and neutral particle mass spectrometer has played a large role, the particle mass spectrometer data have never been mentioned in public, its main role is to collect information from outside the solar system into the solar system neutral particle data. Maryland, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory is right Cassini magnetospheric analyzer and ion and neutral particle mass spectrometer analysis of the data, combined with Voyager 1 low-energy charged particle detector on the edge of the solar system distribution of charged particles to conclude. This is a planet in the solar system boundary with the exchange of information, but also the first time that Voyager 1 arrived early transition zone . In the November 7, 2011, Voyager 1 position in right ascension 17.184, the declination 12.14 ° of the Department, and is the ecliptic latitude 34.9 °, from Earth observation to see if it is toward Ophiuchus forward, from Earth about 119.488 astronomical units. Communication at the speed of light between the spacecraft and Earth radio signal takes about 16.13 hours. (With an example for comparison, the nearest star from the sun, Proxima Centauri about 4.2 light years from Earth, which is 260 005 one thousand astronomical units) Voyager 1 is currently the relative speed of 17.062 km / s or 61,452 km / hour (about 38,185 miles / hour). Such speed is about 3.599 astronomical units per year, compared with sister Voyager 2, No. 10% faster. . Voyager 1 and did not advance toward any particular constellation, in this position and speed, four years later it will be in 1.6 light years away through Ophiuchus star AC +79 3888, 70,003 one thousand six hundred time after Proxima Centauri star. This stellar generally speaking is the speed of 119 kilometers per second, moving toward the solar system. NASA’s Deep Space Network continue to use every day on the track to do Voyager 1, the network will Voyager 1 radio signals to measure the altitude and azimuth, and will also measure the Earth and the distance between the Voyager 1.
In the March 31, 2006, from Germany AMSAT (amateur radio satellite communications organization) to track and receive data from Voyager 1, in Bochum they used a 20-meter dish antenna with a long observation time technologies. Those data are subsequently Deep Space Network in Spain Madrid observatory data were obtained proofreading and verification.
June 17, 2012, in the United States California, NASA ( NASA ) Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement, launched in 1977, “Voyager 1″ probe sent back data show that it has arrived at the edge of the solar system. This lonely in space probe will travel 35 years from the solar system is expected to become the first man-made object. If you remove the message propagation time, then the Voyager 1 reaches the edge of the solar system time is May 2012.
NASA said that in the past three years, “Voyager 1″ carried on two high-energy telescope receives more and more cosmic rays, last month, cosmic rays from outside the solar system has increased dramatically. In addition, the detector sensed changes in the number of high-energy particles, these particles from the decrease in the number of the sun. Based on these data, the project scientists have concluded: “Human beings sent to interstellar space in the solar system’s first envoy edge.”
Participation “Traveler” project scientist Ed Stone said that the laws of physics that “Voyager 1″ will someday become the first man-made object to enter interstellar space, but the exact date is still uncertain.
“Voyager 1″ closer to the solar wind on the edge of the filter device through the detector the more cosmic particles. May 7, 2012, this phenomenon suddenly intensified. To early July stabilized, which can only be interpreted as a ‘traveler ’1 numbers are in the solar system and interstellar matter through the junction. Theoretically think there is a narrow unstable region, known as the ‘top layer of the sun’. And this time the detector exciting fly out of the solar system, because this is the first man-made object from the solar system.
If a measurement tool NASA confirmed that “travelers” on the 1st flying the solar system, we will be able to finally know the exact volume of the solar system. Now know that its thickness is about 0.5 astronomical units (an astronomical unit is the average distance from Earth to the sun is about 150 million kilometers) from the sun 120 astronomical units .
Leave the solar system
September 12, 2013, NASA NASA confirmed that “Voyager 1″ probe has left the solar system,
Voyager 1 probe
Between the stellar extrasolar arrive empty interstellar space over a year.
NASA’s spokesman said: “The Voyager has never reached the detector reaches over space, which is a human milestone in the history of scientific development. “series of related data to prove Voyager has been out of the solar system by the wrapped hot and active particles of the sun circles the top, into the cold, dark constant interstellar space. Voyager spacecraft out of the solar system since about 2012 on August 25.
Equipped items
Traveler gold record
In 2006 , Voyager probes will be the third and fourth pieces of man-made object to leave the entire solar system . In fact, the Pioneer program on the 10th and the 11th already in 1972 and 1973 respectively, was launched into space, earlier than the Voyager probes from the sun’s gravity, and carrying a small gold-plated aluminum pioneers was launched to demonstrate their time and place, in order to find any in the near future space explorers of their identification.
United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration to pioneer example, based on the design of a more complex and detailed message boards, placed above the Voyager probes. The new message board is more like a time capsule , intended to tell other creatures from outer space we human beings living in the world.
Voyager 1 carries a brass disk on the album, it has 12 inches thick, gold-plated surface, containing diamond phonograph needles. This means that even after billions of years, the album’s sound quality is still in like-new. Its content includes 55 kinds of human language recorded greetings and a variety of music, in addition, there are 115 images on disk, including the planets of the solar system images, images and descriptions of human sexual organs, etc.
Voyager 1 carry copper plated LP
These data aims to ” alien “to express human greetings. 55 kinds of human languages, including ancient Mesopotamia Akkadian language and other very rare, and four Chinese dialects (Mandarin, Taiwanese, Guangdong Province , Wu). Greeting is: “Planet Earth children (to you) say hello.” LP also includes the following:
When he was UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim greetings.
When U.S. President Jimmy Carter greetings, read: “This is a little far away from a world of gifts. Inscribed our voices, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and feelings We are trying to live off of our times, enter your age. ”
LP also include a 90-minute vocal highlights, including the sounds of nature and the earth 27 world music, which has ancient classical Chinese opera and the ” Mountain and Flowing Water “, Mozart ‘s ” Magic Flute “and the Japanese shakuhachi music and so on. A total of 115 images, solar system, the planets pictures, images and descriptions of human genital organs.

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